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What is Falcon Flocking?

Flocks of Falcons are migrating through Tompkins neighborhoods!  Help them along their way by choosing a place for them to roost overnight in a friend or family member's yard.  You can even purchase "anti-flocking" insurance to guarantee you won't be flocked again!

 This is all in the name of good fun while raising money for Project Grad 2023!

"Falcon Flocking"  - $25

Have you been flocked and need to get the Flock of Falcons out of your yard and choose to migrate the Flock to a friend or family member's yard?  The "Falcon Flocking" option is for you.




"Anti-Flocking Insurance" - $30

Have you been flocked and want to designate who will be flocked next and also make sure the Flock doesn't return to your yard? The "Anti-Flocking Insurance" is the option for you. 

  • Flocks will be removed within 24 hours .

  • Flock must stay within the Tompkins High School attendance zone.

  • Flocking will be completed by May 3, 2023.

  • The Flocking team will be helping with migration in the EVENING.

  • Once your payment is received, the Migration Management Team will release the Flock of Falcons onto the lawn of your recipient. 

  • Flocking is done Monday through Thursday as Falcons need to rest on the weekends!














Flocking questions email

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